Below you will find my published books. Also available as an e-book, just click on the "buy it" buttons. At the moment, I'm working on a new book in 2018. An anthology of short stories, for young and old.

Sarah and Kim's Magical Adventure
ISBN-13: 978-1549645150


A butterfly turns out to be a magic fairy and dark threatening clouds are created by the spell of an evil sorceress named Drusilla. And so a magical adventure begins for Sarah and Kim. They have to fight weird looking creatures when they try to stop Drusilla’s devious plans. Things get worse when Kim falls into the hands of the sorceress. Will the girls be able to save themselves, the magical land and the children in the world from the fury of the sorceress?



The Adventure of Moonie



Early in the morning, high in the mountains of China, a large black figure appears. It's a magnificent Asiatic black bear, otherwise known as a moon bear. His name is Moonie. He has a happy life. His friend Eddie the eagle and his brother Erwin like to play jokes on him. Their fun ends when they discover humans in the area. Hungry for food the bears hide behind rocks. They get a nasty surprise. Moonie gets caught in a net and taken to a bear farm. A terrifying ordeal. Erwin and Eddie want to rescue him. Two children also know what happened. They rescue Moonie and other bears with the help of Animals Asia. Then Moonie escapes. Joined by his brother Erwin and Eddie he goes on a mission to find the other bears. An adventure with ups and downs. At their final destination, Moonie finds something rather special. The story is fun to read. At the same time, you learn about the endangered moon bears, how they live, what they eat and more. When you buy this book, you also support the Animals Asia Foundation.        


ISBN 9789402135077



A thriller, based on a true story about an inconceivable conspiracy within a tourist apartment building in Spain.   An intriguing story about manipulation, double-dealing, intimidation, and murder. 

A young woman faces a man without scruples when she tries to help people from different countries. To combat an intolerable and unjust situation, risking her life, love, and belongings.  


For now only available in the Dutch language. Translation to come.


ISBN-13: 978-1520720654


Written in collaboration with author Yogesh Bhatt from India.

A successful young woman bumps into a fascinating stranger.

Passion, confusion and a fear of commitment, take her on a tumultuous, challenging and perilous ride, hurting herself and others.

Just in time, she applies the brakes. But will she be able to salvage what's left of her shattered romantic relationship?




ISBN-13: 978-1731111340


A compilation of short stories. For children aged 8 to 10, but also for those who enjoy fantasy stories. Travel to imaginary places, with animals, secrets, magic, and adventure. Castles, creatures and wizards. Read the stories alone or share them with family and friends. Wherever you are, enjoy the world of fantasy.




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